Step 3 - Examinations


"Each time you're afraid that they will tell you no."

"Each time you're afraid that they will tell you no."

Like all the patients included in the protocol, Pierre must undergo a series of tests spread over three weeks, each of which is eliminatory. Just one negative result and he would no longer be able to participate in the trial.

Medical professionals

"We organise all the appointments and examinations"

"We organise all the appointments and examinations"

From the moment they sign the consent form, patients undergo a number of tests to determine whether they are suitable for the treatment. Explanations by Virginie Zimmer, a clinical research assistant.



examinations undertaken by the patient to ascertain eligibility


notes generated by the nurses for each patient in three weeks (average)


documents prepared by the clinical research assistants at the beginning of the study


professions with which the clinical research assistants work closely

Any clinical trial generally consists of four successive phases. In the clinical trial that we focus on here – of which the principal investigator is Prof. George Coukos, head of the Oncology Department of CHUV-UNIL –, phase 1 is currently underway. This phase aims to assess patients’ tolerance of the treatment. The results of the trial will only be published following the research protocol. Media should address any requests relating to this trial to the CHUV Communication Department.